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At Sention Agency we have lived and experienced the difficulties that you are facing today in your company. That is why we know how to guide you in this growth process, accelerating your path to success. We listen to your reality and transform it with strategies aligned to your objectives. <br>We combine end-to-end solutions of technology (tools), processes (methodology) and strategy (direction) customized for your business or sector, with tangible and relevant results in less than 3 months.

To achieve a sustained growth it's mandatory
a flawless strategy

When we say that we have a proven methodology, we are not kidding. We are obsessed with leveraging technology to obtain accurate information in real time to act on the objectives and achieve the expected results.

Growth Hacking Expert
To achieve a sustained growth it's mandatory a flawless strategy

When we say that we have a proven methodology, we are not kidding. We are obsessed with leveraging technology to obtain accurate real-time information to act on the objectives and achieve the expected results.

Growth Hacking Expert


We collaborate with the best technologies that allow us to achieve outstanding results.

We specialize in growth strategies, whether with small or large budgets, in a sustainable way for small and medium-sized businesses.

We've been doing this for quite some time now... and we know how to turn your company into a success story.

Carlos Antonioli


Best growth strategy in 2023


Our clients are achieving significant revenue and expanding their customer portfolio with this strategy. Ad costs are becoming increasingly expensive, which is why, at Sention, we’ve found a way to create synergy across all channels to achieve the set goals. We maximize the efficiency of the investment, making the cost of acquiring a new customer increasingly profitable.

On average, our clients achieve:
Sales Close Rate
More Leads
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Why we are your right choice

Growth Partner

We are not just an agency; we consider ourselves a strategic marketing partner. We conduct detailed analyses and in-depth studies of our clients' businesses, maintaining regular communication to thoroughly understand their objectives. We optimize campaigns on an ongoing basis to ensure the best possible results. We immerse ourselves in understanding your company and industry, allowing us to offer services and suggestions tailored to your needs.

No Contracts Needed

We do not require contracts, which allows our customers to cancel the service at any time. If satisfaction is not achieved, we can stop the service and manage the transition smoothly. We are so confident in the quality of our marketing services that our clients choose to stay with us because of their satisfaction and results, not because they are bound to a contract.

Your Company is always in Control

You are the owner of all accounts, and we manage them according to your instructions. When you create a new service or set up an account, we designate you as the administrator, which means you will not lose any control should you decide to terminate the relationship or take things in a different direction. In addition, you can log in at any time to monitor progress or changes made.


We are transparent in every action we take. We will educate you on how your accounts are managed and how billing is handled. Your budget is discussed and reviewed regularly, and we will help you set up your payment accounts so that you pay monthly fees directly to the providers (Google/Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn). Sention only charges a management fee at the end of the month for the services we provide.

Tailored Strategy

We develop a customized marketing strategy to help clients achieve their goals.

Our goal is to help your business grow and expand. When your company thrives and succeeds, so do we. We treat our clients as if they are part of us, because they are. We measure our own success by the success of our clients. We have significantly contributed to several clients' businesses expanding to 5-6 locations, while doubling and even more, their leads, revenue, and improving their online reputation.

Free Services

We offer several complementary services to provide added value to our clients.

While we charge a campaign management fee, we also provide several free services that you won't find anywhere else at no additional cost. As an omni-channel digital marketing company, we have an in-house team of experts who provide value beyond creating a website or executing a marketing campaign.

The following free services are included in every digital marketing package:

  • Dedicated account manager and strategist.
  • Custom landing page for Google Ads campaigns
  • Free website changes with SEO
  • Free banner ad creation for paid ads

No Minimum Budgets

With no minimum advertising budget, we help businesses of all sizes grow.

We offer unparalleled flexibility for marketing and advertising your business. Our digital marketing agency approach allows companies to experiment with a variety of marketing strategies without the pressure of a substantial financial commitment, making it easy to tailor campaigns to specific needs and goals. Advertising strategies can be adjusted quickly based on performance, without budget constraints restricting creativity or experimentation.

Pro Actives

We are always looking for better ways to achieve our goals to help clients.

Sention continuously monitors and incorporates the latest digital marketing trends and technologies, using data-driven insights to optimize campaigns and adapt strategies to the changing needs of our clients and their audiences. We perform competitive analysis to help clients stay ahead of the curve or position themselves distinctively in their market.


We ensure that every dollar is spent effectively with optimized campaigns.

As a digital marketing agency, we are committed to being efficient with our clients' budgets. We accomplish this by carefully tailoring our strategies to each client's specific financial constraints and business objectives, ensuring that every dollar spent is an investment that generates tangible results. We pride ourselves on our efficient use of resources, leveraging the most effective tools and platforms to maximize ROI.

Innovation and Technology

We use the latest technologies to ensure that all our work is cutting edge.

We use advanced analytics tools for precise targeting, utilize artificial intelligence-driven insights for strategy optimization, and embrace state-of-the-art advertising, marketing, social media and web development platforms for the delivery of engaging content. This technology-centric approach allows us to deliver highly effective, data-driven campaigns that not only reach, but resonate with desired audiences, ensuring our clients stand out in the digital landscape.

Industry Experts

Our digital marketing agency has many years of combined experience in the industry.

Sention has established itself as a leader in the marketing industry, highlighted by a team of marketing and IT experts in 4 languages and backed by years of hands-on experience. Our deep understanding of diverse markets and cutting-edge marketing strategies has earned us consistent recognition, giving us the status of an international benchmark marketing agency.


We help scale your marketing efforts to grow with your business. Our agency places a strong emphasis on scalability, ensuring that our strategies are designed to grow along with our clients' businesses. By leveraging adaptable and scalable marketing tactics, we offer solutions that can easily adjust to changing market demands and business growth. This approach not only supports our clients' immediate goals, but also lays the foundation for sustained success, ensuring that their marketing efforts remain effective and efficient as they expand and evolve.

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